Snuffle Mats
Snuffle Mats
Snuffle Mats
Snuffle Mats - Hide N Seek Brand
Snuffle Mats - Hide N Seek Brand
Snuffle Mats - Hide N Seek Brand
Snuffle Mats - Hide N Seek Brand
Snuffle Mats - Hide N Seek Brand
Snuffle Mats

Snuffle Mats

Is your dog suffering from anxiety, laziness, constant boredom, and zero interest in things around him. This may be caused due living an unstimulated lifestyle. 

Snuffle Mats are designed in a way that helps stimulate your dog's mental activity and senses. It's a fun way of helping with your dog's anxiety. 

Made from non-toxic and high-quality durable materials, Snuffle Mats can't wait to become your best friend's buddy. They also have specially designed pockets that you can use to hide dog treats. Making it fun yet a challenging way for your dog to train their senses and mind while keeping calm, happy, and relaxed.

Why Hide N Seek Toys?


Why are games so addicting? Because they are fun! Hide N Seek toys keep your pet busy while they play.


Interacting with Hide N Seek toys help improve your dog's cognitive abilities.


Your pet will be happy finding their favorite treats!

Has your dog been missing out on dog things lately?

Dogs just like any other animal have highly developed senses which if left dormant can become one of the many reasons that might lead to anxiety, laziness, boredom. Make your dog's life interesting again with Hide N Seek toys.


Here's how to use Hide N Seek toys.

Add dog treats inside the specially designed pockets for your dog to find. 

Introduce the Hide N Seek toys filled with treats to your dog. Remember: First impressions are really important ;)

Watch them use and train their senses while having fun to find the hidden treats. 

Why buy Hide N Seek toys for your dog?

1. Highly Safe & Durable

The safety of your loved one our top priority. We've made sure that the materials used to make Hide N Seek toys are high quality, durable, non toxic and safe for your dog. 

2. Keeps them involved

Hide N Seek toys make your dogs use their instincts to find food while improving their cognitive abilities to keep them sharp.

3. Relieves Anxiety

Designed to help dogs relax, have fun and gain confidence.


Pets & Pawrents Love Hide N Seek Toys

What people say

I ordered this for my 4 month old husky. He's quite energetic and gets a little out of hand while eating. This really helped me calm him down a bit. Plus its fun to watch 'Bosky' use his instincts to try and find yummy treats! 

Michele. P

Verified Buyer

Fast shipping & Amazing quality- I was really excited when I ordered plush toy for my dog. When it arrived daisy immediately fell in love with it. Its soft and also has a squeaky thing inside. Daisy looks so focused and calm while trying to figure out where the treats.

Elizabeth T. Hulbert

Verified Buyer

So my dog is really cute but a bit dumb. I saw this product in my friends place and thought why not get one for my dog. I am not even kidding but I feel like my dog for the first time enjoys trying to find the treats and really haves a lot of fun with it.

Elise Bousquet

Verified Buyer

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